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Want to try the plant-based diet but not sure how to get started?  Finding yourself in a rut and want some new ideas for how to eat healthy?  Want to lose weight rapidly or lower you cholesterol?  Eat the healthiest foods on the planet.  Lose weight, keep it off, and look better than ever.  Reduce your risk of chronic disease by drastic amounts.  Eliminate late afternoon slumps.

I offer services as a Nutritional Education Trainer – Certified through the Nutritional Education Institute, designed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and the eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition course, designed by T. Colin Campbell.

*First phone/email consultations are free!

*Weekly Personalized Emails: $10/month

  • Research and information relevant to each individual
  • Answers to frequently-asked questions
  • Recipe Re-do’s – send me a recipe you like or food you’ve been missing and I’ll send you information on how to put together the best plant-based substitute.
  • Encouragement and guidance.

*1 Week of Custom Meal Plans: $50

  • Send me an email and let me know what your goals are, what kind of food you typically like, and your cooking ability and I’ll design a meal plan to specifically work for you!

*1 hour In-person consultation + Meal Planning: $75 (Los Angeles residents only)

  • I’ll meet with you either at your house or a restaurant/coffee shop near you.
  • Once we’ve completed an initial assessment and I’ve looked at your food diary, I’ll prepare quick lessons about nutrition, meal plans, and answer any questions you may have.  We’ll talk about obstacles you may be encountering and how to get around them.

*Telephone or videochat consultation: $25 for an hour, $15 for 30 minutes

  • Ask any questions, have recipes or food preparation techniques demonstrated, etc.

Contact me at to get started!

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